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Return Policy:

Since our molds are customized and made to order, we cannot accept returns.

Refunds are possible before we start our production process, but we are unable to offer refunds once we start, which typically happens within 12 hours of purchase. Therefore if you have made a mistake with your order, please let us know immediately via email within that 12 hour period.

If there is a quality issue with one of our molds, please email us at with a photo and explanation of the issue, and we would be more than happy to offer assistance. Note that we are not able to offer a return / refund for said issues although we are able to reprocess a replacement as long as we have received images where the defect is clearly visible.

We are not able to process a return / refund due to a delayed production time as all estimated lead times are subject to change during busy seasons. We are not able to process a refund / replacement for an order that is lost in transit if the address was submitted incorrectly when the order was placed or the order was marked as delivered by the shipping carrier when it was not delivered. If the address was submitted correctly, please reach out to us at We are not able to process a refund due to an order being delayed while in transit, as all orders are shipped via USPS and UPS and their process is not under our control.

We are not able to process replacements or refunds due to the text being submitted incorrectly during the order process as we replicate the design on our molds exactly how it is submitted. All designs must be submitted how the customer wants them to be replicated during the order/customization process. We are not able to process replacements or refunds for orders due to issues achieving clear ice or cracks within the ice that is produced by our molds, as this is due to the customer's water quality and freezer settings.

About us:

Raise the bar for your next cocktail night with Siligrams custom ice trays and barware! Our premium silicone products are hand-made to your specifications by our team of mold makers in Concord, Massachusetts. Look no further for the perfect gift for the home bartender in your life!

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